Friday, October 1, 2010

Flooding in Maryland

By now you may have heard about all the rain we've gotten on the East Coast.  I'm not sure how much rain fell in Maryland over the last two days but it was plenty, and more than we've seen in a while. I took some pictures this morning after letting the girls out to give you an idea of how much we got in my "neck 'o the woods," Maryland's Eastern Shore.  

As you can see, parts of the road that I live on got pretty water logged, bordering on dangerously high.  I was planning to start my day with an early swim at the indoor pool I belong to, but when my husband called me on his way to work at 4:00 AM to say that parts of our road were flooded and it might be a good idea to wait until it had subsided a bit or got lighter before venturing out, that was all I needed to hear to jump back into bed! 

After I got up (again!) around 6:30 and fed everybody, I wandered around the whole yard to assess the flooding. The best part though was that it had finally stopped raining (yay!) and there was a nice Fall chill in the air.  Had to put on my  barn coat and while I was out, decided to use my pruners to cut the last of the zinnias. I trimmed them up and made a cheery little bouquet that I thought would look great either on the kitchen or coffee table, but as I was pruning and fussing over them, a little voice said to me "give those flowers to Fordonia."  Fordonia is my next door neighbor who is 85 years young, lives alone (and happily so, by her own admission) and just the best neighbor you could ask for. So I put the flowers in a milk bottle  vase and took them over to her. She was so tickled. I stayed and we chatted about 30 minutes after which time I  realized how hungry I was.  First thing that came to mind; french toast and scrambled eggs with cheese! Comfort food on a chilly morning seemed like the best thing in the world at that moment.  Mind you, not the best nutritionally or calorie-wise, but I thought, so what.  I'll swim it off later.  And after adding too much butter (is there such a thing?) and syrup, it was delicious. I was totally content.  Sort of weighed me down though so I thought it was a good time for reading on the couch, followed by a little nap to let everything settle before heading to the pool.  

Finally did make it there around 2:00 and swam for 45 minutes.  Felt great, too.  Of course my husband joked that there was no need to go there when we've got a lake right in our backyard!      


  1. I was wondering how all of my friends on the East Coast were doing. I have been reading the weather all day and I am glad you didn't get washed away like people in the Carolinas. When you start blogging and you know people in every state, bad weather becomes something that I watch for and pray about. It becomes personal. It sounds like you had a wonderful day, from visiting your next door neighbor, to eating the yummy french toast with butter to resting on the couch. It sounds like my kind of day.
    Well, hopefully it will start to dry out. The guy from Accuweather said that the eastern seaboard has got in 4 days what you get in a normal four month period. That just amazes.
    Have a great Saturday!

  2. I didn't realize how bad it was in some areas until today when I talked to some co-workers in VA and PA. They were evacuating areas in PA near PHilly. You all got hit hard. Heavy rains can really mess things up--I hope all is well at your place and it sounds like you took a lemon and made lemonade-good for you :) I think it's awesome you took those beautiful flowers to your neighbor. That is a random act of kindness and that is a great thing :)
    Amy ~:>-

  3. Wow, you really received a huge amount of rain. We went through the same thing this May. Love that you took your neighbor those flowers. Such a nice treat for her.

  4. We got 8" of rain in 36 hours. We were so dry all summer that we lost several crops. Now we actually have frogs living in the mud puddles. My kids think it's pretty cool!I haven't had breakfast yet and you have carved the words French Toast into my mind. No bread this morning. Hmm? Pancakes will have to do.
    Have a great weekend!
    BTW- thanks for voting for my goldfish!

  5. Wow! Hope things dry out for you before you need to build an ark! We hopped over from the Blog Hop to say hello and would love it if you could visit, too!


  6. Hi there!!! We love your bloggie. Just got here from the blog hop!! We love new furiends!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  7. Nice meeting you through the Saturday Blog Hop! I live in Furginia and not that far from the Furginia Eastern Shore so we are kind of neighbors. We got tons of rain too. I know we needed rain but we sure didn't need to catch all the way up in a couple of days!

  8. I'm glad you ended up with such a lovely morning after the downpour.--Inger

  9. So nice to meet you! Thanks for the visit, and I'll be following here too. With a blog name like yours... I HAVE to stick around.. lol! Sounds so much like li'l ol' me :) I hope for sunshine and drying out there soon! -Tammy

  10. When you talked about all that rain,,, i got a little worried about all your chickys.
    But i know they are your babys and you take care of them.
    That is a lot of rain,, and i would not want to swim in it,
    Thank you for visiting me again,,, my friends,

  11. We sure did get dumped on along with alot of other folks! It was a great day for some comfort food and the french toast sure fits the bill!

    Nice to find another blogger from Maryland!

  12. I'm sure you not only made your neighbor's day, you might have made her week or month, too. Little gestures mean so much. :)
    I'm glad you decided not to in to swim too early. We have a saying here in Texas--"Turn around, don't drown". We have the lovely distinction of being the state with the most drownings during flash floods.