Thursday, October 7, 2010

No Rest For the Weary

Out of nowhere I seem to have caught some sort of stomach bug/flu/yucky thing that started last night after I got home from work and caused me to be up just about every hour on the hour until the next morning. No fun whatsoever.  Normally, I would just call in sick the following day, but wouldn't you know it, today of all days  I had a project to finish that required me to be there at least until noon. Luckily, before my husband left for work he found some upset stomach medicine in the cabinet and thankfully, the "good until" date had not expired, so after downing that and waiting for it to kick in, I went about my normal morning routine of feeding the animals, then  rallied enough energy to shower, get dressed and then head to the office. 

When I got there I told my boss I was feeling a little under the weather, got no sleep the night before, and as soon as I finished what I had to do, would be out of there to go home to let this thing run its course, as well as catch up on the sleep I missed and needed.  As planned, I was able to leave by 12:30 and when I walked outside, it was an absolutely spectacular day, with temps in the mid-70s and sunny with a light breeze. As perfect as you could ask for. On the way home I daydreamed about falling asleep on the chaise lounge in the backyard with the sun on my face, and the girls and dogs close by keeping me company.  Before I got home though, I thought I should make a quick stop at the grocery store to get some chicken broth and crackers since my stomach was completely empty and it would probably be best to ease back into eating with some bland food. 

After wolfing down the broth and 6 crackers (I hadn't eaten since the day before!), I headed for the chaise lounge all ready for an afternoon of rest and recooperation. I was feeling a little better, just really tired, and thought this is great; I'll just lay here and listen to the birds sing while the sun and the breeze lull me to sleep.  I wasn't there long before Scarlett and Peggy wandered over and decided that my lap was a good place for their afternoon nap, too. It was all very cozy with the 3 of us, but being the fickle young ladies they are, that only lasted about 10 minutes and
then they were off for bigger and better things in the yard.  Kids. So I closed my eyes again waiting for sleep to overcome me when a thought came to me: "Now would really be a good time to clean out that hen house." The (logical) part of my brain  said, "Forget it! Stay where you are, RELAX and don't move. No more working or thinking about work today!" But I couldn't help myself.  My guilty conscience (which curiously always sounds like my mother's voice) won out when it said, "How can you just lay there being unproductive when there's a million and one things to be done around here?" Get up! You're not dying!" So after retrieving the shovel and wheelbarrow, I cleaned out the girl's house, followed by ...

Filling up the bird feeder...

Changing the house flag... 

Then tearing down the tomato vines and giving a few rogue tomatoes I found to the girls.

I really need to get over this guilt trip I put myself through about laying around "too long" - especially when I actually DO need the rest!  

I should learn to be more like Lilly, who watches the world go by until she dozes off, completely unconcerned about what did or didn't get done today...

Or even Loretta, who slips away from the rest of the girls for her "me time" dust bath without a care in the world or a trace of guilt to be found on her.



  1. You have to learn to rest when your body needs it, you don't want to be old before your time... right?

    Shoot me, would Ya? I put your blog on my blog list and forgot to follow... well, I took care of that now!

    (Go to bed Sharon, my little voice is saying)

  2. So sorry you were sick, but I always reason, I can get better faster and I can rest better if all of that stuff is finished. It really does drive me nuts. I understand your thinking. :) So I hope you get to rest today. I have a blog award for you over on my page. Some one gave me one yesterday so I am passing it on. Don't feel like you have to take it but it is there for you. Get well soon,

  3. I think Lilly has the right idea! I have often thought that I should introduce all the nagging little voices in my head to each other. Then maybe they'd be pre-occupied and leave me alone for some much needed rest!I hope you feel better soon-

  4. I usually do this. Try to rest and then end up running around being busy/getting stuff done. Not always best though!

  5. We hope your all recooped now,,,
    i would love to be like Loretta if I had a choice.
    What a great post

  6. Your yard is so pretty! Glad you got to "rest" there, along with all your precious creatures. Now, get well soon!

    you should have been more convincing in your acting abilities!!!

    I would have managed another 12 hours on the couch!!!!!

  8. Hello we are your newest followers! We found you on the blog hop. We love your yard and gotta Love the Chickens
    Your Friends
    Geisha,Grover,Lily,Bailey,and Wrinkles

  9. Sasha the wiener here.

    Yes, you should rest. We wiener dogs can't function without at least 3 long naps followed my plenty of snacks and a few poos a day. heehee.

  10. I'm thrilled you took time out of your day to visit my blog and blessed you followed. After reading through your blog, I know I have found a new blog to follow as well.

    Adore all your furry and feathery family :-)