Sunday, October 17, 2010

Let The Moulting Begin

Look at this pathetic girl.  It's that time of year and Lucy, my white leghorn, is always the first to start moulting, then the others girls follow suit. 

Lucy is one of the first chickens I got about 4 years ago, and although she's at the top of the pecking order, you'd never know it to look at her since she's so skinny and scrawny now.

I can tell that during her moult she loses her confidence, too.  Normally she marches around the yard with an attitude like a rooster.  She's always in charge with a very determined look on her face that says "Stay out of my way! I'm on official business and have NO time to talk!"

But I notice that in this condition she's needier and wants to hang around me more - not like her at all. She's always been very stand-offish and refuses to ever let me hold her. 

Twinkie, my Buff  Ameraucana, is also starting to moult, but doesn't look quite as bad yet. 

This is Twinkie's first moult so I have no idea if she'll lose as many feathers as Lucy has. 
Along with their regular food this morning, I also made them a treat of cooked oatmeal and threw in some raisins, diced strawberries, and a  crumbled up waffle, too.  They went NUTS for it!
Two moulting girls in search of bugs.
Happy Sunday Everyone :-)!


  1. The girls do look kind of rough! Glad you gave them a treat. Food always makes me feel better!

  2. I wonder if they get real cold? Poor girls!

    Happy Sunday to you too!

  3. That's kind of what I look like since I've been sick! Poor babies. Maybe I did need to make them polar fleece hats (and coats).
    Stop by my barn blog party this week when you get a chance.

  4. My hens are molting too, I am hoping this afternoon I can really clean the chicken house because of the feathers. I could have a new flock.
    I always think it is so sad when they loose their feathers but they do look so happy when they have the new ones.
    I have noticed my bossy chickens are very quiet too. I am going to try the oatmeal thing I gave them pomegranates and they went crazy for them.

  5. My hens are just starting their very first moult. I was wondering how bad the feather loss may be and this gives me an idea!

  6. I HATE moulting hens...I alwasy have to explain to lay people tha it is all natural and that I am not being cruel!!!

  7. I have an Ameraucana girl just like like yours. She looks just like Twinkie does right now. I will say, that your Lucy has them both beat in the molting category. Hopefully the feathers are all back where they belong before it gets too cold.

  8. Isn't it funny that even animals lose their confidence when they don't feel "pretty." I can always tell when my dog gets groomed he is so proud when he comes home--knowing he looks good :)
    They are still beautiful to me!

  9. Thanks for linking to my blog post. I think there's a problem with the link. If you want to just add a new one when you get a chance, it may mean visitors to your blog. Don't forget to drop in for giveaways this week.
    Have a super week!

    Our feathered girls haven't started to molt, but it's only a matter of time. We're getting mega-jumbo eggs and that always seems to happen around the same time. I agree with the comment above about hating to explain to others that this is normal and we aren't bad chicken owners!

  10. Your soo good to your chickens. It makes me happy to see how much you care for them.
    I know some people are not as kind as you as when it comes to their chickens, and the poor chickens ,,, well ,,, you know.
    But yours are part of your family,,, and that is why I love to visit you.
    You might need to knit some sweaters for them

  11. I don't which I can relate to more moulting chickens or the title of your blog. And to John Gray explaining a loss of feathers is far easier then why the LaManchas in your show string have "no ears". sigh

  12. Hi there. I'm new to your blog, but love that you love your animals, so I'm looking forward to dropping in and seeing yours! I love my furry 'kids' too! :)

  13. And I think I look bad in the morning! Those little ladies...oh! :)

  14. Oh, some of my gals are looking the same! Thank God we don't moult!! I always feel so bad for them....and with the cold weather right around the corner, you'd think they would pick a better time!!!

  15. Your so good to your chickens. It makes me happy to see how much you care for them,and love them.

  16. White leghorn lay egg daily even at the age of four?