Sunday, October 24, 2010

Other Feathered Family Members

Aside from my 8 chickens, I'm not sure if you knew that I also have 5 parakeets; Sky, Pickles, Ollie, Eddie and Violet.   

Pickles & Sky
  I've had Sky longer than any of the other birds, since 2005, which I got to be  a companion for my first parakeet, Scotty, who has long since passed away.  Then came Pickles, to keep Sky company and a little over a year ago I adopted Ollie, Eddie and Violet from a friend of my brothers.  I wasn't really planning on adding any more parakeets to the family, but when my brother asked if I'd be interested in a "couple" (which turned out to be 3) more birds, in a moment of weakness I said yes.

Since yesterday was a really nice day, I thought I'd take the opportunity to clean their cage outside and give it a really good cleaning with the hose and dishwashing liquid.  In the meantime, because the weather was in the high 60's, I was able to put the birds in their outdoor aviary on the back porch.

When I had my back porch enclosed a few years back I decided to have the contractor also enclose a section of it as a bird aviary because I thought in the late Spring and Summer it would be nice for them to get some fresh air and sunshine and hear the other birds singing, as well as to be able to fly around more than they can in their house cage, and bring them a little closer to nature.  Needless to say, they LOVE being out there! In the summer when the temps are consistently above 70 degrees, they stay out there all the time. And its really nice to be serenaded by them and watch their silly birdie antics when we're eating our meals on the back porch.  It's like musical comedy dinner theater.

So around 5:30 PM when I thought it was getting a little too chilly for them to be out any longer, we put these little guys back in their newly cleaned cage and into the house they went.


  1. sweet of you to have the outdoor aviary created for them. We have had parakeets before and they are really sweet pets.

  2. We always had a parakeet or two when I was growing up. They were more my dad's whistling companions than a pet for any of us kids. I love their head bobbing and constant chatter and the sound of crunching seeds.

    Love the outdoor aviary. In an earlier life, I had an indoor aviary that was similar - with ficus trees, a wonderful old tree branch, grow lights, bird baths - all for a myriad of colorful finches. It was better than TV! :)

  3. That's really nice - to be able to watch them interact with nature and still be safe! I love watching birdies of all kinds!

    Happy Sunday :-)

  4. I love the big bird cage on the back porch. My daughter has a cockatiel that she has had since she was 11 and now she is 29. I told my son-in-law on the day they were getting married he couldn't have her unless he took the bird too.
    Your birds looks so nice and I bet you enjoy them.
    They look wonderful.
    Have a great Sunday

  5. How awesome is this!!! Love that aviary in the screen porch. That is so cool. I love your birds-beautiful!

  6. I absolutely love parakeets! They are just the funnest little buggers! That outdoor aviary is awesome! I bet your little birdies really love you for that!

  7. I love your birdies!!! If I didn't have four cats, I'd have a house full of them.

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  9. Our little Squeakers would sooooo love that roof to floor wooden cage you have on your porch...although he would probably chew threw the material ;) We're getting him ready for return to the woods and having a little trouble giving him outside time without being so afraid that he'll get away from us before he is able to take care of himself. I love all your animals!