Sunday, October 10, 2010

How I Spent My Sunday

I've kicked the bug that rendered me almost helpless for a couple of days and I'd like to send a big THANK  YOU(!) to all my blogging pals for your kind words and well wishes for a speedy recovery. So now that I'm back to my ornery old self, it seemed like a good day to start my Fall/Halloween decorating.  I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, something cute but simple, so I ran around the last couple of weekends and got 2 bales of straw, mums, pumpkins and gourds.  

I also had the idea that I'd like to build a scarecrow, which I've never done before, so I was just flying blind about how to put it together.  I used a big branch that I got from our woods in the back and nailed a board across it in a "T" shape so his arms would be up in typical scarecrow fashion.  Not as easy as it sounds - at least for me, anyway. I had to use my husband's handsaw to cut the branch to the right height and the electric jigsaw as well for trimming the little branches that were attached to the big branch (another first for me today).  All this took a lot longer than I anticipated, but it was a beautiful sunny Fall day, so I took my time and tried not to get frustrated when it didn't all didn't come together instantly.  I stuffed a pillowcase with straw for his face and body, and covered his head with my favorite gardening hat.  In fact, his whole outfit is from my closet; overalls, flannel, bandanna and hat.  After I put him together, keeping him upright was another challenge, but I stuck with it and finally got him to stand on his own. Once he was upright and we no longer looked like we were slow dancing together in the front yard, I stood back to look at the whole thing and decided that his face was too blah with just the pillowcase, so to give him a little more of the Halloween spirit, I ran up to the Dollar Store and came up with this skeleton mask, as well as the crow, which I think adds a nice touch.
Believe or not, the whole process took me around 2 hours. I bet you're thinking "WHAT?! Wow, you must really be inept." Okay, guilty as charged.  I know it would have taken less than half the time if my husband was around to lend a hand (i.e., do 95% of the work), but I had already given him a day pass to go fishing with 2 of his buddies, so this was a solo effort by yours truly at my first ever scarecrow. Besides, I was in the mood to do this today so I didn't want to wait until he got home - or until next weekend.

In other news today, around dusk after all the scarecrow building and decorating was finished, I decided to wind down in the backyard and enjoy my favorite form of therapy, better known as  "watching chickens" when I noticed a movement in the corner of my eye.  When I looked over and focused on it, I saw it was a lone wild turkey spying in the fence on all of us.  He was a huge rascal, too! I slowly walked up to the fence to get a better look, wishing I had my camera with me, but when I got about 4 feet away he took off.  I don't think wild turkeys are all that common around here, although I know they do exist, even if in small numbers, since I remember seeing a group of them a couple of years ago coming out of the woods across the street, so I was pretty excited about another appearance.  

The only other thing I enjoyed watching today was Lilly run herself ragged up and down the yard when she'd see various squirrels perform their  acrobatics, jumping from one tree branch to the other. I personally found it very impressive, but she literally loses her mind when she sees those squirrels! Must be the terrier in her.   You'd think she'd be used to them by now, but oh, how she hates them with a passion!  Age has not mellowed her at all in that respect. 

All in all, it was a very good day.  The only regret I guess is that since I spent the majority of my day outside, I didn't get the kind of housework done that I was planning on today. Rats! Of course I justify this by telling myself that there aren't going to be many more days like today in the coming months, so I might as well enjoy the great outdoors while I can.  When the temperatures drop below 50, there will be plenty of time to stay inside to vacuum, dust, wax, etc. Yuk. I can't wait.  


  1. Those turkeys were lucky they don't live in Canada or they might have been dinner today! BOL!

  2. I love your scarecrow. You did a great job. I've always wanted to build one but just didn't know where to start and now I do. The turkeys and squirrel were beautiful too :)

  3. Good thing the scarecrow was your size (wink) just think, you got all that vitamin D! Much better than doing housework!

  4. So glad you are up and around and normal. I love the scarecrow, he looks great, I had to laugh about you slow dancing in your front yard with him.
    I could just see that and I could hear the neighbors in my head, "Hey Mildred come here, is she dancing with a...skeleton." Yeah, I do my wood work when my husband is home too, I break my saw blades and it is just easier for him to change them than me.
    I did think it was profound, I think you should stay outside as much as possible because when there is snow on the ground, then you can clean house.
    I don't know what I ever did before chicken therapy. I can go out there think I am going to be five minutes and a hour flies by. But I come in rested.
    Have a great week now that you are well. Thank you too for all of the nice things you wrote on my blog. It always touches my heart.

  5. Hi - we are new followers from the sat blog hop! We look forward to reading more about you! I love the blog name by the way! too funny.

  6. I have a daughter with a fall birthday and we often did a scarecrow as a party activity. It was fun to see the kids work together to make one. Now she's a teen! She'd probably still put together a scarecrow with her sisters. It would depend on what she was doing when I asked.

  7. Your scarecrow turned out perfect!! I have one in an undressed state (been that way for months)... on my procrastination list. I'd better get on that project now! Sounds like you had the perfect day. I'm with you on the housecleaning (YUK!). -Tammy

  8. Great job with the scarecrow. I also bought some of those crows and used them around the house. They are too cute.

  9. Ohhh that scare crow is scary... blessings, bobbi

  10. LOVE the scarecrow!! I've been looking for the perfect one and haven't found it...maybe the answer is for us to make our own! What a cool project that would be for my girls and me!!

    That stomach bug must be making its way around the country because my youngest daughter had it last weekend and I followed suit this weekend...just really tonight getting to a point where I can hold my head up...this seemed different from any other stomach bug I've had...and I was sooooo exhausted! Smells still bother me even tonight and I still haven't had a meal. Very weird how this stuff evolves into different "diseases" year to year. :p

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog...I'm not as organized as I would like to be and have more ideas in my head than I can deal with if I don't provide myself with some structure...we'll see how it goes :) Like you as well, I will never do anything that makes my blog feel like another chore...there are enough of those to go around already!!

    I want a few chickens so badly!! I have 2 cats though and I know that would not end well...we've managed to keep our rescued squirrel safe from them for almost 6 weeks, but they are no dummies...they know where he is and can be found howling at the door where "Squeakers" is housed. Sqeakers release is coming soon and is probably sooner than better!

    Hope to get to know you even better in the bloggy world!! :):)

  11. Mmm...turkey sandwiches! Just kidding!

    Scarecrow is super cute! And housework is over-rated! Enjoy your days!

  12. Very glad to hear you are healthy again. Love the scarecrow! It would have taken me longer than 2 hours. Have fun outside. You will have all Winter to mess around in the house.