Saturday, September 25, 2010

Preparing for Winter



 As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my chickens (Peggy), was born blind in one eye. I believe that as a result of this disability she has been subjected to a lot of bullying from the other girls.  The only girl that doesn't pick on her is Scarlett,  a black Australorp, who I got when they were both baby chicks just 3 days old. I call them sisters, even tho technically they're not biological sisters.   So I had these girls in temporary housing until they could be integrated with the rest of the flock, but because of the situation that has frequently turned nasty at times, it looks like these gals will have a bachelorette pad all to themselves.  Peggy's just too docile, submissive, and therefore, a target, to have it any other way.  Scarlett can hold her own, but I don't want Peggy to be all by herself at night.  Just seems too lonely.

I went to Craig's List and found a nice solid dog house that I bought from a lady in Virginia whose small dog was far too spoiled to live outside.  It was in perfect condition, being that it was never used and had been sitting in her garage for a little over a year collecting cobwebs. Craig's List is just the greatest, isn't it? I've found some fantastic bargains there. I also found practically brand new kennel fencing on Craig's List, too,  for the girls to stay in while hubby and I are at work, or out and about and not able to supervise the goings on between the "mean girls" and little blind Peggy.  Maybe I'm being overly cautious, but I just don't want to take any chances.

Let's go before Dad asks for help!

That  afternoon my husband put together the fencing.  It was really easy to assemble and took him less than an hour to complete.  As you can see, our busybodies/dogs can never be too far away from the action.  Of course, ask for their help with anything and they can't be bothered.  Always micromanaging.      

He then began to construct a door for their new home with a screen window built in for ventilation, which hinges and unhinges when needed.  I figure I can still use the screen door option until the end of October around here and after that shut the screen so they are not exposed to the cold air, wind, sleety rain and snow when winter arrives. Of course, the red door was my idea.

I'm really happy with the way everything turned out. They've adapted very well to their new living quarters and area.  The first night they seemed a little freaked out by the change of scenery, but once it got dark they gave up the nervous pacing back and forth in the run and just went right into their house for the night.  The next day I let them out of the run to range in the whole backyard with all the other girls when I was home, periodically checking on them and then chilling on the chaise lounge in the yard while reading my book. Once twilight started to creep in they wandered back to their new home as if they'd been there forever!



  1. This is SO sweet!

    I miss my poor Lucy and Ethel. They slept in a dog run at night too.

  2. I loved your little story about your beautiful chicken girls..
    And I love that you think of them as part of your family.
    Getting them their own little dorm room is so precious of you. I know they feel safe and comfy, and I know they feel loved.
    If I was one of your chickens, I would feel loved for sure.

  3. Of course I think Peggy is awesome and glad she has a sister friend to guide her. You are the greatest to take such good care of them. Craigs List is the best!

  4. What a nice little house. I love how the dog kennel turned out. Isn't it funny how the chicken houses start expanding. I have three now. As long as I stay right where I am things will be okay, but come spring, and baby chicks, I sort of go crazy.
    I loved all of your pictures. I am so glad your little hens have their own house. That is the only thing that bothers me about chickens is when the beat up the weakest ones.

  5. It has always amazed me that there are bullies in the animal world, just like the people world. It's good that they have each other for company. I need to sell a bunch of stuff on Craig's list, but I'm new at it so I'm apprehensive. I like shopping there though!

  6. This is so very sweet. I lost my chickens to a predator and I miss them so much!!!

  7. What a great idea! And how nice that the two girls get along so great. They are just beautiful.--Inger

  8. I really like the girls new home. I know they do too. It looks wonderful! and safe.
    Have a great day.

  9. Hooray! A perfect compromise for everyone involved. I hate that chickens have a 'pecking order', but they're the ones we coined the term from.
    Black Australorps are the sweetest birds.

  10. Hey, Thanks for your sweet comments. I wanted to say that I didn't know your daughter was 29 too. I thought by your pictures you must have been all of thirty.:)That really surprised me. Then the book, it has been out for awhile so you should be able to get it pretty cheap. When I read it the first time I wasn't real wild about it but this time, gosh, I can't put it down. I feel like it has a cattle prod in it and I keep getting shocked.
    I hope your week goes by fast and your weather is cooler by the weekend.

  11. absolutely LOVE the title to your blog... found it by accident and understand just why you entitled it!
    my partenr very nearly left me after 16 runner ducklings were set up in the kitchen!

    greetings from north wales