Friday, September 17, 2010

What A Week!

I know just how you feel, little guy!
This past week has been so crazy/busy/hectic for me and I'm SO glad it's over, although it felt like it would never end! Our Firm's office manager went on vacation this week, and guess who's been filling in as her replacement while she's gone? Yours truly. After doing her job and mine, I've been completely and totally wiped out! This is the reason why as you may or may not have noticed, I have not had the chance to post one single thing to my blog. I'm just that tired. I mean, I don't even have the energy for one creative thought or an interesting tidbit about my day once I get home. Even on my way into work in the morning I've been feeling like zombie brain. I think fatigue has a way of doing that to you. I have enjoyed reading the other bloggers that I follow though, which seems to be about all I could handle this week, with a comment posted here and there. But every evening after work I've had near zero energy, but try to rally at least a little something that's left in me to spend time with my "babies" when I get in, feed them, then head out to the backyard to say a word to two to the girls and give them a little snack before it gets dark and they head into their coop for the night (as you can imagine, it's less and less time as the days get shorter. In another month or so they'll already be in bed with I get home - SAD!) And don't think the guilt of being a bad dog/cat/chicken mother isn't eating away at me, either. So I'm racked with exhaustion and guilt. Great. I even worked a full day today (Friday) which I haven't done since February and wow, what a difference that extra day made in sucking every last bit of energy I had out of me. No way to live I can tell you that.

 On a more positive note, however (I hate to completely bum everyone out), things should (fingers crossed!) be back to normal next week and I'm looking forward to a good weekend. We're expecting beautiful weather so I plan to spend a good portion of my days outdoors communing with dogs and chickens, cleaning out the chicken coop and attempting to at least start on some much needed weeding in the flower garden, as well as moving a weigela bush from one area of the yard to another where it will get more sun and produce more blossoms in late spring/early summer of next year. It may seem like a lot of work to some, but this is actually the kind of thing that I consider completely therapeutic and look forward to doing.  This is my version of sanity. 


  1. So beautifully you said EXACTLY what my mom feels also.... there is just no energy.
    but you must take care of yourself, and we are happy that you have your theraputic plants to helps you.
    Here are some kisses for all your fur and feather babies

  2. Red,
    The nice thing about blogging is that you can give it whatever attention you want/have. There are no rule as to how much you post, and you should never feel neglectful. Life in three dimensions will always be more important. That laptop screen can't hug you. I know several very successful bloggers who only post once or twice a week. Their audience picked up on their schedule and stayed with them.

    I'm sure your babies weathered this crazy work week better than you did! Animals don't remind you that you didn't give them enough time yesterday. They just willingly love you when you spend time with them.

    My greenhouse work is my therapy, so I understand how you feel moving plants around.

    Wishing you a good weekend and a sane week at work afterwards.

  3. I know you are glad this week is over! I hope next week is a tad bit better. Being here on our farm is such a nice get away after being at work and I am sure you feel the same about yours.

  4. Glad your busy, stressful week has come to an end. Enjoy your weekend as it sounds like you are going to have fun with the animals.

  5. I am glad you get to have a nice peaceful Saturday. I am glad you got to post today anyway.
    I was having the same thoughts last night. I was so stressed that I have places in my brain where I just can't remember doing this or that. I know I am in need of some serious chicken therapy. :)
    I feel guilty when I haven't had time to do anything but feed and water and collect eggs.
    In your side bar you are reading Just Be Who Your Are. Is is good? Worth the time to read?

    Have a great weekend, It is nice you are having nice weather. :)Glad your week will be normal next week.

  6. I know that guilt feeling when it comes to the animals, but remember they are so forgiving and tend to live in the moment. Have a great weekend with your family.

  7. I could have written this post...But when you are pulled in so many directions there just isn't enough time to do some of those things we enjoy--We both have to keep going and do what we can....Just know that there are those out here like me who know just how you feel, and if it were possible, and I had time and energy to spare, I'd give it to you! :-)))

  8. Hope this week will be much better.
    Spend your time resting and in the nice weather. You can catch up later. I'm way behind too. Thank you for commenting on my blog. :)

  9. Animals and yard work are so therapeutic to me as well.

    I have to tell you, your blog title is spot on! Friends are always telling me, "Just get yourself a donkey, horse, geese, goats, ....what can he say?" He would say, "Looks like you're sleeping with your animals. "