Saturday, September 11, 2010

Run 4 Shelter

Today my husband and I participated in the "Run 4 Shelter" (   10K/5K Run/Walk  to benefit the Our Haven Homeless Shelter on Kent Island.  I'd never done an event of this type before, but I know the good work that the shelter and everyone associated with it does to help our area's homeless, so I thought it would be a good idea, as well as fun and good exercise.  Being the non-competitive slacker that I am, however, I chose the 5K walk instead of the run  (it's best to break into these things slowly, right?) 

Registration for the event started at 7:00 AM and the race began at 8:00.  The weather could not have been any more beautiful, either.  It was relatively cool when we got there and was only predicted to be in the high 70's later in the day.  We were blessed with sunny, bright blue skies and puffy white clouds the whole time. Perfect!  

Apparently this is the second annual event of this type to benefit the shelter, and although it was no Boston or New York marathon in terms of participants, I would say that it still attracted a very respectable number of people for our small town and apparently many more than last year's run.  From what I saw, I would say it was somewhere in the hundreds, with people of all ages participating.  But the best part was that all the proceeds from the registration go directly to the shelter.  

I wasn't interested in competing with anyone else in order to make the best time in my age group (better known as "middle-aged and then some!") or for a trophy.  I did it mainly for fun and to help out a worthy local cause.

Hurry up, Tony, before all the cookies are gone!
As you can see, we completed the 5K in a little over an hour's time (hey, I said we weren't going for any records here!).  We both had a really nice time on a beautiful day and after indulging in the free water, cookies, and bananas that were handed out to the race participants afterwards, I came home and took a nap! 

Who knew these events could be so exhausting?


  1. You sound a lot like me. I took up running after my daughter was born. Really as a last resort to losing the baby weight. And, it did work but, I didn't like it one bit. I am all about the walking!

  2. it sounds like fun, I need to do something like that. Right now our days are still in the 90s so it would be hot. I walk that most mornings, it takes Sasha that long to get the ADD out. Then she can settle down for the day. Border Collies are like that.

    I like the nap part too.

  3. I admire that you do this to help the homeless animals. The helpless, who cannot help themselves. Your so giving of yourself,,,, that is why I come to visit you

  4. That was supposed to say:
    Way to go,Red!


  5. How great to help others and also do something really good for yourselves. Congratulations on completing it.--Inger

  6. Red,
    Stop by my blog to pick up an award I have for you.

  7. Congratulations on finishing the walk! Wonderful that you are volunteering. Would be great if we could all have a 4 day work week and still pay the bills. Love that extra time.

  8. that's so great that you did that! And look at tony making his funny photographic face as always! This is what it reminds me of EVERY time (cut and paste the link into your browser):