Saturday, August 7, 2010

Strange title for a blog, right?

What in the world does this mean you ask; "One Animal Away from Divorce?" How odd. Well this might be a slight use of hyperbole on my part, but I guess what I mean to tell you is that I LOVE animals and as a result, have lots of pets; 3 dogs (Zeus, Snoopy & Lilly), 1 cat (Margie), 5 parakeets (Sky, Pickles, Ollie, Eddie & Violet) and 8 chickens (Darla, Buttercup, Angel, Twinkie, Peggy, Scarlett, Loretta and Lucy (or "Lightnin' Lucy" as she's knicknamed) - what a character she is! I'll devote a whole subject about her in another post!). We don't live on a farm, per se - only 2 acres - but my brother's girlfriend calls it a "farmette." Don't get me wrong; my husband likes all the animals "just fine" as he says, but if he had his way (and you can see that he doesn't), we'd have MAYBE one dog and that's it. It's not that he has anything against any of the "kids" as I call them, he just thinks that they're a lot of work - which they are, but so what? And he occasionally reminds me how much $$$ it costs to feed & care for this whole crew (again, so what?!). I never stop to add up every dollar that's spent on them with food, vet care and incidentals because, I love them. Besides, it's not over the top and I'm not in over my head. I'm not like a crazy cat lady who has 100 cats living in a one-bedroom apt and the situation is totally out of control. In other words, I'm not a "hoarder." All my dogs and my cat have been fixed so I'm not contributing to the overpopulation of dogs & cats in this country. And my chickens are all hens, no roosters, so no baby chicks unless I buy them from the local feed store. In any event, my husband has not actually threatened to walk out and never come back if I add one more animal to the family (mmmm...or has he? well, at least not in a while) but I have heard this on more than one occasion from him: "No more! No more! No more chickens! No more dogs! No more animals! Enough is enough!" Okay, okay. Relax. Jeez. But between me & you, do I WANT more? Of COURSE I do! In fact, I told him if we had more property - at least 5 acres - I'd love to have 2 little pot-bellied pigs. And he immediately replied saying, "But we don't - and I'm not moving!" Don't get me wrong, he's not a bad guy at all. He's very kind and laid-back and I get pretty much get anything I want without a lot of grief. We've been married for 12 years and together for 15 so I've learned to ignore his occasional minor outbursts. Kind of like a gnat buzzing in my ear. But no more pets...for now, that is (WINK! fingers crossed behind back)...

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  1. so glad to see you finally got around to posting! And don't feel bad. you still have less animals than the Duggars have children.