Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet Angel - World's Fattest Chicken?

Okay, maybe not The fattest, but a pretty big girl nevertheless. She's my one and only Buff Orpington. My husband's cousin, Luke, SWEARS these chickens are the sweetest, quietest, most docile breed in the world (he has about 100 of them). Not this girl tho. She's more stand-offish than sweet. And quiet? Forget about it! She squawks randomly and loudly throughout the day. And surprise, surprise, does she love to eat! Yesterday evening before I put the girls in bed for the night, I rounded them all up and was doling out blueberries for their good night snack when out of practically nowhere hops this baby frog. Without getting too disgusting, it was an ugly scene folks. Angel managed to pull most of it (yuk!) away from Darla (one of the "evil red-headed twins") and she ran across the yard with it, legs hanging out of her beak and all. Not a good end of the day for that frog, huh?


  1. wow i cant believe how big she's gotten! Too bad about the frog, though as the Lion King says, it's the circle of life. A gross circle of life, but the circle of life nonetheless.

  2. i love that chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!:)