Sunday, November 14, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Since Thursday was my birthday (Veteran's Day), I decided to take the day off work (it's not a holiday in my office) and since I'm normally off on Fridays anyway, planned to enjoy a nice, long 4-day birthday weekend.  It was all wonderful, of course, but where does the time go? Now it's Sunday night and before you know it, the weekly grind of commuting to and from the city will begin once again. (GROAN!)

In any event, I had a great birthday and I'm very grateful to God that he's allowed me to celebrate another year.  After I got up and fed the animals, I headed over to the indoor pool for a swim. Came home and tidied up the house a bit - I know, I should give the housework a rest on my birthday, but I was feeling energetic after my swim so I didn't mind - kind of unusual for me since it's the LAST thing I typically feel like doing!

In the afternoon, I told my husband that I'd like to take the dogs to the lake to stretch their legs and give them the opportunity to smell and see new things, which they always enjoy, and when we got home my girlfriend Judy had sent me roses that that were just beautiful.  Flowers are such a mood lifter, aren't they? Even though I was in a good mood anyway, her flowers raised my happiness factor up a couple more notches. The rest of the day was filled with phone calls and beeps of text messages from family and friends wishing me a very happy day.   

Later that evening DH and I went to a nice restaurant for dinner to celebrate and the food was delicious.  The crab bisque soup and mushroom caps stuffed with crab imperial were especially yummy...and needless to say, there was dessert, which my husband and I split.  It was called "The Cookie Monster" which was 2 huge chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream sandwiched in the middle and topped with real hot fudge syrup and whipped cream.  True to it's name, it really was a "monster" of a dessert :-)  In fact, I could hardly walk when we left the restaurant after it was all said and done - but your allowed to overdo it on your birthday, right? I really don't eat like that very often (and Thanksgiving doesn't count either as far as I'm concerned.). Nevertheless, it was a great way to end the birthday evening. 

On Friday morning, Margie had a vet appointment for rountine shots (distemper and feline leukemia) so after her breakfast, which was served in my spare bedroom so I could shut the door and she couldn't run away, I tried unsuccessfully several times to put her in the cat carrier and she was just not having ANY of it.  She didn't scratch or bite me, but she just contorted herself in so many ways that made it impossible to put her in the carrier.  So I thought, now what?! I thought and thought. Then, lightbulb moment... the dog crate! This is much bigger, but it also meant I had to drag it from under the porch (no small feat, either), bring it inside and put her in it.  Since this was taking  more time than I anticipated and now I had to really hustle to get her to the appointment on time, I dropped a blanket over her, wrapped her up in it and got her in the dog crate.  This worked out much better, but once she got out of the blanket and discovered she was confined, she howled like she was being tortured. All the way to the vets office. Such a drama queen.  I tried reasoning with her about this being for her own good, so she didn't get very sick.  She wasn't persuaded. I turned up the radio. She howled even louder. Luckily we got there on time and the doctor took her right away.  For all her protestations the doctor didn't even have to sedate her to give her the shots (you remember that she is still semi-feral) and she really took the whole experience like a trooper.  I was SO proud of her.  And on the way home, she only howled for about 5 minutes and then gave it a rest. When I let her out of the crate she looked around, saw that the surroundings were all familiar, then gave me a dirty look and took off for the rose bushes, presumably to sulk.  I was worried that she'd be so traumatized that she wouldn't ever come back, but like clockwork, she showed up around 6-ish on my front porch expecting dinner. I guess the experience wasn't that traumatic after all.  Not enough to forego dinner anyway, which really worked out in her favor since she got Bumblebee tuna mixed in with her dry food for being such a good girl at the doctor's earlier in the day.  Yes, I know.  Spoiled rotten.

The weather the entire weekend was so beautiful, sunny, and fall-like that I spent a good portion of it outside during the day on Saturday and Sunday, marveling at all the Fall colors and communing with dogs, cats and chickens.  My version of heaven on earth.     

Happy Sunday Everybody :-) 


  1. Oh look at those sweet puppy faces! Love it! Glad you had a wonderful birthday and long (but too short) weekend. I'm always so surprised when animals are not traumatized by being kidnapped, stuffed in a car, then poked and prodded at the vets (sounds like an alien abduction!) and return to us like they still trust us. Glad your little wild girl did well. Healthy and protected for another year, hopefully! My barn kitty gets dry food but also gets a scoop of tuna every morning and a foil pouch of fishy cat food every night too. All 4-legged kids should be so lucky as our pets! Happy belated birthday, and many more happy days to you and yours!

  2. So glad you had a nice birthday it sounds like a nice birthday. So are you what,... 26? Your dogs are so cute, I bet they did like their run around the lake. The flowers are pretty too. I am still praying. Our friend Charles has been great. Your kitty doesn't look feral at all. She looks like a pretty pampered cat. You take really good care of your babies.
    I hope you have a very nice week.
    Gosh this comment sounds like it is some kind of code. Sorry, it has been a long day.
    So I am wishing you a very, happy belated birthday.

  3. Good Morning, and Belated Happy Birthday! It sounds like a great day!
    I haven't taken the DC anywhere since we moved in, She doesn't go outside and doesn't mingle with other cats, so I figure why go through the hassle? DC pees all over herself when I take her in the crate, as soon as I hit the key on the car. Taking her to the vet is so out of the question! It's nice that you could get Margie to the vet without incident, even though you had to use the dog crate.
    Cute dogs need a romp at the lake! It's time we took these two to the park, just so difficult for me these days and I hate that.
    Enjoy the week ahead is you can!

  4. Happy glad you could spend it in Heaven (on Earth!!) kind of weekend, too!
    Have a great week!

  5. Belated birthday greetings

    "st Francis of Trelawnyd"

  6. Happy Birthday-a bit late! Glad it was a good one. Margie is a pretty cat. I'm glad she survived her ordeal. Glad you survived too!

  7. What a wonderful weekend and the weather looks like it was very cooperative too. The dinner sounds scrumptious. I love crab stuffed mushrooms. YUM! Kitty did really well. I had to laugh at you all riding and her howling--my dog Pappy does the same thing. Doggy pics are precious too.

  8. What a wonderful birthday!! The dinner sounds great, and that dessert... now that's my kind of dessert. It sounds like you had quite a time with your kitty. Glad it all worked out. Happy Belated Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a lot of fun celebrating on your long weekend!

    Almost 19 years ago we moved to Maryland as newlyweds for my husband's job in Oxon Hill. We lived in Accokeek for a while and then Upper Marlboro to be closer to my job at a law firm. We later moved to Clinton before we finally made it back home to live in West Virginia. 4 years total in Maryland. We truly enjoyed our 4 year honeymoon living there. Lots to see and do. You are the second blog today to take me down memory lane!

    Have a Wonderful Week!

  10. Happy belated to you, sweetheart but Margie is the one who stole my heart in that story...howling all the way to vet...that's what my Vern used to do!!! It sounded as if he was saying, "i don't wanna go" over and over again!!!...:)JP

  11. Glad to hear you had such a great birthday. Also sounds like the ride to the vet was fun! lol

  12. Happy (late) birthday to you! It sounds like a perfect weekend.
    Cat contortions--teehee. Do cats EVER go into a crate without twisting themselves into a pretzel. The trip wouldn't be complete without howling. :)

  13. Happy Belated B-Day!

    Lynda from the Farmlet here... I have a suggestion for getting your kitty in the cat carrier. Next time try putting Margie in backside first. By the time she figures it out you will have most of her in and can then latch the door. ;)
    BTW, You mentioned wanting email notification for updates, but I didn't know if that meant you had signed up already, or that you wanted to be notified. (?) I have a little box on the right of my page for signing up to follow the happenings on the the Farmlet.

  14. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!!

  15. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a pretty good time.(and eating out too!!)
    The flowers are beautiful and the kitty and dogs are too!

    Have a great day.

  16. I have been having strange blogger issues and folks I have followed for a few months now are dropping off my following list. I don't know why this is happening. I've had 5 in the last two days I've noticed. You are one I have followed for a few months and out of the blue-you aren't on my list. I am wondering if other folks are noticing this? Anyway-I am going to try to follow you again today and wanted you to know my challenge.
    Have a great day-Amy :)

  17. Your birthday sounded like a nice day!
    I do not blame Margie for not wanting to go to the vet.
    Not one bit
    thank you for your sweet words on my bloggie

  18. I just wanted to pop over and wish you a Happy THanksgiving!